Status: August, 2018

Please note that, this year, the scientific programme is very dense and includes two outstanding keynote lectures on Wednesday, 5 September, 2018. Social activities are also organised on Wednesday afternoon. You might, therefore, wish to arrange your travel schedule accordingly.
In line with this, we recommend to arrange for accommodation early in advance, as the availability of hotel rooms might not be granted at a later stage. 

Detailed Programme (link to online programme incl. abstracts)

Programme at a Glance (link to PDF)

Sunday, 2  September, 2018  
08h00 - 21h00 Congress registration 16h00 - 21h00 Exhibition  
10h30 - 16h00 Continuing Education Courses (CEC), including welcome coffee & lunch and afternoon coffee break  
Exposure, hazard and risk assessment of mixtures of pesticides / chemicals in food using the tools developed in the  EuroMix project
Introduction to benchmark dose modelling using the PROAST software              

Application of non-animal (toxico)kinetic data and tools in risk assessment from basic research to practice

Supported by European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing

Organ-specific in vitro modelling: state-of-the-art             

Read-across in
and its assessment
Creating quantitative Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs)
Supported by OECD
13h00 - 16h00 EU-ToxRisk: status quo of the Horizon2020 flagship project on non-animal toxicology  
16h00 Opening of the exhibition  
17h00 - 19h00

Opening Ceremony including

Keynote Lecture: Consumer toxicology: natural is good, synthetic is bad (Michael Siegrist, Switzerland)
Supported by Elsevier

and EUROTOX Merit Award

19h00 - 21h00

Welcome Reception in the exhibition area Co-sponsored by UCB

Monday, 3 September, 2018  
07h30 - 19h30 Congress registration 09h00 - 18h00 Exhibition  
08h30 - 09h30 Keynote Lecture
Nrf2 and its future

(Masayuki Yamamoto, Japan)
Supported by Elsevier
09h30 - 10h00 Coffee break, exhibition & poster viewing 1 Co-sponsored by Wuxi AppTec  
10h00 - 12h00 Session 1
Organs on a chip in toxicology - is the end of animal testing near?
Session 2
Ensuring validity of in vitro replacements: what is needed for regulatory decision making?
Session 3
Chemical-induced immuno-suppression in the 21st century

Session 4
Non-clinical pharmacology and toxicology assessment of monoclonal
antibodies supporting human clinical trials

Supported by UCB

Symposium I
Optimising drug discovery by investigative toxicology: scientific advancements and case studies (Part I)

Short oral
communications 1
12h00 - 13h00

EUROTOX-SOT Debate: Adverse Outcome Pathways are the future for regulatory toxicology

EUROTOX-Speaker: Brigitte Landesmann, European Commission, Italy
SOT-Speaker: Daniel Villeneueve, US Environmental Protection Agency, United States of America
13h00 - 14h00 Lunch break, exhibition & poster viewing 1

Industry Session by CiToxLAB: Advances in immunological safety evaluation of immunomodulatory drugs

Industry session by
Wuxi AppTec: 
Integrated Services for Your IND Packages

14h00 - 16h00 Session 5
Oligonucleotides - do they warrant specific safety assessment?
Session 6
Microphysiological human stem cell systems for toxicity testing
Session 7
Detecting immunotoxicity of nanomaterials: from in vitro to rapid predictive testing
Session 8
Systems-biology-based 3R methods in toxicology
Session 9
Open Source Platforms in chemical risk assessment: Means to translate 21st century research and tools to the risk assessment community?
Symposium Part II
Optimising drug discovery by investigative toxicology: scientific advancements and case studies
16h00 - 16h30 Coffee break, exhibition & poster viewing 1  
16h30 - 18h30 Session 10
Mechanism-based mitochondrial toxicity testing for chemical safety evaluation
Session 11
NRF2 and Inflammation
Session 12
Old drugs in new guises: the toxicology of repurposing
Session 13
Air pollution over and beyond the classical risk factors

17h30 - 19h00
Industry session by
Challenges and Solutions to Receptor Occupancy Studies by Flow Cytometry

18h30 - 19h30

Specialty section meetings:

Meeting Studio 311     Carcinogenesis SS

Meeting Studio 312     ERAS Risk Assessment SS

Meeting Studio 314     ITCASS Immunotoxicology SS

Meeting Studio 316     Molecular Toxicology SS


Tuesday, 4 September, 2018  
07h00 - 07h30 EUROTOX 2018 Morning run 07h30–18h30 Congress registration 09h00 - 18h00 Exhibition  
08h30 - 09h30

Bo Holmstedt Memorial Fund Lecture:
Metabolism, inflammation and cancer

(Nigel J Gooderham, Imperial College London, UK)

09h30 - 10h00 Coffee break, exhibition & poster viewing 2 Co-sponsored by Elsevier  
10h00 - 12h00

Session 14 Ecotoxicology and toxicology: bridging the gaps

Models and frameworks

Session 15 Developing safe medicines for children - non-clinical considerations

Supported by UCB

Session 16 Innovative medicinal products - challenges for the safety assessment of adverse immune effects Session 17
Adverse Outcome Pathways and development of alternative methods
Supported by ECETOC
Short oral
communications 2
12h00 - 13h00 SOT Merit Award Lecture

Sam Cohen, University of Nebraska Medical Center, United States of America

13h00 - 14h00

Lunch break, exhibition & poster viewing 2 Co-sponsored by Marshall BioResources

Industry session by
RTC S.p.a.: REACH Regulation – EOGRTS

14h00 - 16h00

Session 18
Ecotoxicology and toxicology: bridging the Gaps
Contemporary challenges
Supported by  UMICORE

Session 19
Translational safety biomarkers: current and future trends
Session 20
Tools, trends, and technologies in modern CNS safety assessment: Mind your brain!
Session 21
New insights in the role of innate immunity in immunotoxicology
Industry session by Cosmetics Europe: 5 years after the ban: can regulatory safety assessment of cosmetics ingredients be performed based on non-animal methods & approaches?
16h00 - 16h30

Coffee break, exhibition & poster viewing 2 Co-sponsored by UMICORE

18h00: Closing of the Exhibition  
16h30 - 18h30 Session 22
Mode of action as a key in risk assessment of chemical carcinogens
Session 23
Breeding IATAs for predicting DART by fusing high-dimensional data with biological knowledge
Session 24
Cardiac Safety: Current state of the art
Session 25
Developmental immunotoxicity
19h30 - 24h00 Congress dinner at AUTOWORLD Brussels  
Wednesday, 5 September, 2018  
07h30 - 13h00 Congress registration  
08h30 - 09h30

Keynote Lecture
Drug discovery: if you want to see different results do things differently

(Ruth Roberts, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Supported by TEAM Mastery

09h30 - 10h00 Coffee Break  
10h00 - 12h00 Session 26
Success of toxicology applications in society: from science to
regulation and to implementation
Session 27
Integrating epidemiology and experimental toxicology to understand the risk of endocrine disrupting chemical mixtures on children
Session 28
Cytokine release assays: future directions
Supported by ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI)


Short oral
communications 3
12h00 - 13h00

Big data for biologists: A maths in medicine case study

(Dr. Manasi Nandi, King’s College London, United Kingdom)

13h00 - 13h30 Closing Ceremony and Awards presentation