The EUROTOX 2018 Scientific Programme Committee, chaired by Prof. H. Wallace, has prepared an exciting scientific programme, highlighting the latest research results and trends in the field of toxicology.

A detailed programme schedule is available here.

Programme Highlights

CEC1 Exposure, hazard and risk assessment of mixtures of pesticides/chemicals in food using the tools developed in the EuroMix project
CEC2 Introduction to benchmark dose modelling using the PROAST software
CEC3 Application of non-animal (toxico)kinetic data and tools in Risk Assessment: from basic research to practice
CEC4 Organ-specific in vitro modelling: state-of-the-art
CEC5 Read-across in REACH and its assessment
CEC6 Creating quantitative Adverse Outcome Pathways (organized and supported by OECD)

Opening Ceremony Keynote Lecture
Bo Holmstedt Memorial Fund Lecture
SOT Merit Award Lecture
Keynote: NRF2 and its future
Keynote: Drug discovery: if you want to see different results, do things differently
HESI-CITE Lecture: Big data for biologists: A maths in medicine case study


  • Organ-on-a-chip in toxicology: Is the end of animal testing near?
  • Mechanism-based mitochondrial toxicity testing for chemical safety evaluation
  • Oligonucleotides – do they warrant specific safety assessment?
  • NRF2 and Inflammation
  • Developing safe medicines for children – non-clinical considerations
  • Mode of action as a key in risk assessment of chemical carcinogens
  • New insights in the role of innate immunity in immunotoxicology
  • Developmental immunotoxicity
  • Translational safety biomarkers: current and future trends
  • Detecting and interpreting immunotoxicity of nanomaterials: from in vitro to in silico
  • Innovative medicinal products – challenges for the safety assessment of adverse immune effects
  • Non-clinical pharmacology and toxicology assessment of monoclonal antibodies supporting human clinical trials
  • Toxicology and ecotoxicology: bridging the gaps (in collaboration with SETAC)
  • Integrating epidemiology and experimental toxicology to understand the risk of endocrine disrupting chemical mixtures on children
  • From inflammation to immunosuppression: what has changed in our way of studying the implication of immunological responses in toxicology – A reappraisal of the importance of assessing chemical-induced immunosuppression in the 21st century
  • Systems biology-based 3R methods in toxicology
  • Breeding IATAs for predicting DART by fusing high-dimensional data with biological knowledge
  • Microphysiological human stem cell systems for toxicity testing
  • Cardiac safety: current state of the art
  • Tools, trends, and technologies in modern CNS safety assessment: Mind your brain!
  • Success of toxicology applications in society: from science to regulation and to implementation
  • Adverse Outcome Pathways and development of alternative methods (supported by ECETOC)
  • Old drugs in new guises: the toxicology of repurposing
  • Air pollution over and beyond the classical risk factors
  • Open source platforms in chemical risk assessment: means to translate 21st century research and tools to the risk assessment community?
  • Ensuring validity of in vitro replacements: what is needed for regulatory decision making?
  • Cytokine Release Assays: Future Directions (supported by ILSI-HESI)

Three slots are available for oral communications by young scientists (Monday afternoon, Tuesday noon, and Wednesday morning), offering authors and attendees plenty of time to present and discuss the latest research results and advancements in the field of toxicology.

Moreover, poster sessions will be held on 3 September (Poster Viewing 1) and 4 September, 2018 (Poster Viewing 2), during the official congress breaks in the Exhibition Area.

Furthermore, all accepted poster abstracts will be displayed as e-posters on-site throughout the whole congress period.


Congress photos online

Please find here some impressions from the successful EUROTOX 2018 congress.

Important Dates

  • EUROTOX 2018
  • 2–5 September, 2018
    Brussels, Belgium

8–11 September, 2019
Helsinki, Finland

Conferences of interest

International Neurotoxin Association
January 16–19, 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark

Congress Organization

K.I.T. Group GmbH Dresden
K.I.T. Group GmbH Dresden
Bautzner Str. 117
01099 Dresden, Germany

  +49 351 4842731

Travel Arrangements

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